Writing the I.B. History Internal Assessment

What is the Historical Investigation - or as it is better known - the Internal Assessment (IA)?

The goal of the Internal Assessment is to systematically develop critical thinking skills such as analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of varied perspectives on a given topic. It also seeks to develop research and writing skills as you engage sources to integrate them into your argument.

From the I.B. Guidebook: A historical investigation consisting of a written account of up to 2,200 words, divided into four sections: (1) Identification and evaluation of sources, (2) investigation, (3) reflection, and (4) a list of sources used in the investigation called a "works cited," which isn't included in the word count. The investigation must be a written and should be the work of the individual student. Group work is not permitted.

Overview of the Historical Investigation

Sturgis Charter Public School-Specific Information

Please read this information for Sturgis-specific submission guidelines and grading equivalents. If you have specific questions, please see your history instructor.

The IA Sections: Descriptions, Research Process, Markbands and Examples

Section 1 - Identification and Evaluation of Sources

Section 2 - Investigation

Investigation and Analysis of the Research Question

Section 3 - Reflection

Reflection Focusing on the Challenges Faced by Historians

Works Cited

A List of Sources Used to Support Research and Evidence