2018-19 Mid-Term Exam Study Guide

The Details

This major two-hour exam consists of two (2) sections. Students must complete FOUR (4) of the short answer questions (out of a choice of 6) in Section One. Students must also complete ALL five document-based questions in Section Two. The exam is worth 10 percent of your overall grade for the year.

US 1 Mid-Term Exam Study Guide - 2018-19 - Hyer, Jeff

Assessment Principles

The 2018-19 US History I midterm exam reflects some of the principles of the Sturgis Assessment Policy. The exams are used as formative assessment in helping to prepare students in development of skills relative to the IB program. Specific skills tested on this exam include the evaluation of sources with reference to content, origin and purpose, as well as the ability to plan and execute short analytical argument on prescribed topics, which will be assessed using IB and IB-like rubrics. Application of the IB markscheme and markbands will ensure reliability and internal consistency.

Our exams will also provide detailed feedback for teachers, students, and parents to help communicate to all parties where the students’ work stands in relation to their ultimate goals and the nature of students’ strengths and limitations. Such feedback will allow us as instructors to adjust our teaching strategies to accommodate students’ growth areas.