Evolution of Slavery in the Colonies Quiz Study Guide

The format of this major quiz (30 min.) will include the following:

  • Origin and Purpose
  • Map Identification
  • Comprehension (What is the message...?)
  • Compare and Contrast (Northern and Southern Colonies)
  • Rapid Response Identification (What is one major port city in the Southern Colonies?)

Be sure to know the following:

  • Review your homework assignments, "Transatlantic Encounters" and "Evolution of Slavery in the Colonies." (Why were African slaves preferred over Native Americans and Europeans?)
  • Know the three distinct regions of the English colonies, including their major products and at least one port city.
  • Review your notes on the Sepulveda reading (What was his main point? What did he think of the Native Americans? Spanish? Why?)
  • Review your Origin and Purpose Notes on Christopher Columbus' letter
  • Refresh your memory on our in-class documents by examining the pictures below. View the class presentations here.