Continuity of Educational Opportunities: REMOTE


Beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Horace Porter has implemented REMOTE so that students can continue learning from home during this extended school closure. This site will provide a platform for administrators, teachers, families, and students to connect, share information, and gather resources. While REMOTE is in its infancy at Porter, accessing educational materials, creating products, and turning them in digitally is not unfamiliar to our students as many of our current programs and platforms utilized are online. Teachers and students are already using this technology in their daily lessons. We have one-to-one technology in place with our Chromebooks for our Middle School students and iPads are used with our elementary students; we were able to deploy these devices to families who requested the use of them during REMOTE.

REMOTE teaching and learning will take many forms. But you can expect that there will be communication and feedback between teachers and students. While REMOTE is not the same as the regular classroom environment, it can provide some continuity when school is interrupted. It will also serve to further prepare our students for today's digital world.

As we begin this new experience together, prepare for many questions; but I also imagine there will be many wonderful opportunities and surprises waiting for us to discover as well. ~ Alyssa Gwinnell, Horace W. Porter School Principal

Teacher Availability

Teachers (as well as administrators and other certified staff members) will be available by email or other digital learning spaces such as Google Classroom, SeeSaw, etc.

In general, teachers will communicate their expectations and daily assignments by 9 am each school day.

While not online continuously, teachers will monitor email and other communication with students and parents at least three times a day.

If a teacher is absent, that day’s lesson(s) should be posted to students (similar to sub plans), but teachers would not be expected to answer questions, give feedback, or answer emails.

School Calendar

The State of Connecticut has allowed us to count REMOTE days toward the 180-school day requirement. Thus, REMOTE days will not require additional school days to be added to the end of the school calendar. School will not be in session on Friday, April 10 or during the week of April 13-17. The current last day of school is June 16, 2020.

REMOTE Attendance

REMOTE absences: If your child will not be able to engage in REMOTE for the day, please report the absence by emailing Mrs. Zemantic or leave a message with your child's name and homeroom at 860.228.9493 and press 5. Thank you.