Apprenticeship Program Launching this Fall

Hutto ISD is creating its own pipeline for aspiring educators by launching a unique teacher apprenticeship program in Fall 2024 for a multitude of positions that will provide hands-on experience in our K-12 classrooms.

Designed to attract and assist aspiring teachers for employment, the apprenticeship program will pair successful applicants with experienced mentor teachers while they complete a degree and certification requirements, and earn valuable on-the-job educator training.

Hutto ISD has implemented a residency program for individuals in their last year of college for the past two years. The addition of an apprenticeship program will support developing teachers throughout, or up to four years of education. Apprentices, or resident educators, will receive on-the-job training so when they enter the classroom as a teacher, they will not only have a degree and certification but also enhanced pedagogical skills.

In addition, Hutto ISD’s apprenticeship program aims to help teachers remain in the profession longer thanks to the mentor-mentee and/or collaborative team approach which is designed to guide new educators to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges one might face in the profession, Malone says.

This opportunity is open to current Hutto ISD employees as well as future hirees. Additional details and how to apply will be made available through Hutto ISD’s Human Resources Department. 

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Would I be teaching right away?

As a participant in the Apprenticeship Program, your initial job would be to work as a paraprofessional in a Hutto ISD school. The goal of the apprenticeship is that you are learning and preparing for your own classroom. As the program progresses, there will be times you will need to teach and provide evidence of the concepts you are learning each month so we can provide feedback and support your growth and development as a future teacher. 

Should I enroll in a college I want to attend now?

Do not enroll in a college program until you apply for and are accepted into the Apprenticeship Program. If you are accepted into the program, you will be given instructions for enrollment. We have specific college partners for our apprenticeship program, so we will advise you to enroll in one of those.
It is always a good time to submit your FAFSA, though.

If I am a Hutto ISD employee, can I automatically be in the program?

No, everyone will need to apply to be in the apprenticeship program.

If I just graduated, can I be reimbursed?

No, the apprenticeship program is for aspiring educators pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

Will you pay for my Alternative Certification Program?

While our main focus is on aspiring educators pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, we encourage you to still attend our information session and apply for the apprenticeship. We are working on how we can also support those seeking alternative certification. 

What would my salary be?

Your salary depends on which year you are in the program. Each “onramp” into the program is dependent on college hours, and the pay rates are determined by those “onramps.”

How does my time balance between work and classes?

There will be a monthly half-day training with Hutto ISD, which will count towards your program. After each training session, there will be an assignment to complete before the next training session. We will work with you if you need support with assignments. The coursework for your college classes will be completed depending on the college schedule and requirements. It will be done outside of the work day. Time management will be an essential skill for our apprentices. We will be there to support you along the way. 

Do I work during the summer? What is my yearly schedule?

The program is during the school year (August-June). There may be a training session in June once school ends. Summer is a great time to obtain college credits.

Do I get Hutto ISD benefits like regular employees?

Yes, benefits are given to full-time employees. If you are accepted into the program, you will be a full-time Hutto ISD employee and will be able to receive benefits.

Tuition is free, but what about other expenses?

Apprentices will need to buy textbooks and materials required for coursework. Applicable fees could also be an expense for the apprentice.

If selected, when would I start?

You would start at the beginning of the school year (August). Once you are accepted into the apprenticeship program, the Human Resources Department will contact you to discuss the next steps.

What are the requirements for participation in the program?

You are required to attend each monthly training session and complete all coursework during each year you are in the program. After graduation, you must remain an employee of the district for three years.

What happens if I begin the program and then decide I no longer what to continue?

We will encourage you to stick with it. 

Anyone who exits the program will be expected to pay back all tuition expenses covered by the district.

How many applicants will be accepted in the program?

The number of people accepted into the program will be determined based on the number of people who apply and who qualify based on our screening and interview process.

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