Enrollment Options

Graduation Tracks:

  • 3 course Diploma options are offered: Standard, Scholar, and Merit *24 credits each
  • 1 ACCEL Diploma is offered *18 credits

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We know every child learns differently and has different needs.

We will help you and your child figure out which of our options is best for them and set up the ultimate learning plan for their success!

Full Time:

Home School:

Full Time students will complete

all required core courses and electives at there grade level each year. The students course plan will dictate how and when during the year the courses are taken and completed. Our program stresses success for each student.

Home School students, including un-school students, may enroll in our program and have us maintain grades and portfolio. We make sure your child gets all their core classes covered. Your child maybe asked to take a placement test to verify grade level of each subject at the beginning and end of the year. Yes, students are able to graduate and get a diploma from our school!

Virtual School Assistance:

We will assist you and your student in succeeding in virtual classes. Whether it be in setting up a class time and overseeing work, dealing directly with the virtual school to make things easier for you, assisting your student directly, or handling the portfolio for the district. We will help you help your child reach their full potential!

Hospital & Home Bound:

If you are out of school for a length of time due to illness, injury, or other reason we can help keep you on track. Our program works to understand your needs. We work with you. You help you get on track and stay on track so you don't get behind.

Special Education Students:

All special education students, including gifted, will have a second meeting (in person or by phone) to discuss goals for each core learning area during the year. Students will have their goals written out on their Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan as it applies to them.

***Of special note - We do not have resources to offer therapies such as: speech, occupational, or behavioral. The parent is solely responsible for making arrangements for these types of service on their own and at their own expense.

***We work with you to make a plan for your child to learn, grown, and succeed in all areas. We will work with you as goals are made for your child. We want what is best for your child to succeed.

State Testing:

Students have the option to take all state tests. We do not require them. We will inform families on the opportunities of testing as each test cycle comes about and how testing may or may not effect them.