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Hurricane Irma not strong enough to keep HUSKIES down!

After Hurricane Irma came through our area the residents stood back to see the wake of damage left by her unwanted visit.  Two days after the storm while other schools were still closed, Huskies gathered together and showed support to each other as they returned to school.  They talked about what the storm had done and what they lost.  Then they decided what they would do while others stayed away.  A plan was outlined by the students on what they were able to do, wanted to do, needed to do. 
The process of them working out their plan was as amazing as the results have been.  They divided into teams of different ages and abilities and began charting what each student could do putting their best abilities together.  They presented their plan and Husky Prep Disaster Services was born.    The school became a member of FL VOAD.  Students cleared brush and debris for immediate access to local homes.  They began to look at the homes and the state they were left in and branched out.  They took their skills and home by home began to see what was needed that they could do.  They helped board up broken windows, muked out water damaged areas and removed damaged walls/floors/furniture/appliances/personal items-clothing, linens, toys, dishes, more and took inventory of the status of each home and its needs.  They began small repairs that did not require anything but time and sweat to get families back in their homes.  FL VOAD connected us with relief needs for many families.  Two trucks of supplies were given out including water, food, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and diapers.  We sent the needs list to FL VOAD and FEMA.  The teams continued to work as money was gathered to buy drywall sheet by sheet to help repair homes.  Calls for help continued to come in as other relief centers closed.  The student teams never gave up doing all they could for every family that called that they could.  They have now helped install windows, helped repair exterior damage as they await paint donations to touch up the repairs made, put simple Thanksgiving lunches together for those left without kitchens and will do the same today - Christmas Eve for those still without the simple needs, loads of laundry continue to be done for those who lost their own setups.  They have not been able to help everyone as they wait for donations to complete the needed repairs and help get families back what they lost.  
They wait for donations of other materials to come in to complete a families needs all the while some of them are have lost everything as well.  They say it is not about themselves but about the community and work to bring that sense to others.  The best sight is seeing a family hug their child and tell them it will be alright.  Huskies pulled together to make sure others are safe.  Now, they want to finish the job they started and can not do it without help from you.  They have made a list of each families needs and our asking for you to sponsor a need to help that family.  

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