Geometry & Algebra Homework Calendars 2018-2019

Alg Jun 2019 Calendar.doc
Geo Jun 2019 Calendar.doc
Alg May 2019 Calendar.doc
Geo May 2019 Calendar.doc
Alg Apr 2019 Calendar.doc
Geo Apr 2019 Calendar.doc
Alg Mar 2019 Calendar.doc
Geo Mar 2019 Calendar.doc
Alg Feb 2019 Calendar.doc
Geo Feb 2019 Calendar.doc
Geo Jan 2019 Calendar.doc
Alg Jan 2019 Calendar.doc

Algebra Semester Review Answers! STUDY STUDY STUDY! Check your answers!!

Algebra 1 Semester 1 Review Key.pdf

Geometry Winter Break Project: Follow the instructions and create your Geometric name on a blank white paper or poster board.


Algebra Winter Break Project: Print out all three pages and complete according to the instruction page.

Geo Dec 2018 Calendar.doc
Alg Dec 2018 Calendar.doc

Geometry Students: The sample answers to two problems on the practice test has been solved for you for part 3


Geometry Students: Unit 2 Practice Test is below. There are 6 pages, please scroll down to view the entire document. The test is broken into three parts; you will be given 1 class period to complete each part. Part 1: Tuesday November 6, Part 2: Wednesday November 7, Part 3: Thursday November 8.

Geometry Unit 2 Practice Test.docx
Alg Nov 2018 Calendar.doc
Geo Nov 2018 Calendar.doc
Alg Oct 2018 Calendar Revised.doc
Geo Oct 2018 Calendar.doc
Alg Sept 2018 Calendar.doc
Geo Sept 2018 Calendar.doc