Pre-Alpha 1.01

The nonĀ­profit mission of is to connect all humans to a common resource management system. (CRMS)

In the real world we know for certain that it is physically impossible to manage earth and human resources, responsibly and equitably, without first understanding how our unique individual inputs and outputs impact one another relative to the ecosystem we are born into, and from where we all too quickly disappear.

"You can't manage what you can't measure."

Before the digital age of network computing humans lacked the technology to significantly improve on state/market systems of imposed scarcity and structural violence. Now, more than at any other time in our short history, we have both an urgent economic security crisis and a most critical ecosystem imperative to build a global CRMS for human access and accountability at humus scale.

CRMS Requisites:

    • P2P hardware protocol
    • P2P software protocol
    • P2P i/o resource ledger protocol
    • P2P i/o participation ledger protocol
    • P2P governance protocol concepts and content are structured on a P2P7P framework of discourse that identifies seven key variables in a complex ecosystem of myriad nodes of inputs and outputs, for contemplating how we might interface these relationships most functionally. This framework forms the page structure of the site.

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