A' Level Philosophy

@Huish Episcopi

"We don't think as much as we think we think."

Daniel Khaneman

Welcome to the Huish Episcopi Philosophy A' Level Page.

Here you will find resources to directly support your studies (essential links) and resources that will get you thinking more broadly about Philosophical issues (Extra resources). Over the coming two years you will be grappling with issues such as:

  • What can we say we know and how do we know what we know? EPISTEMOLOGY

  • How do we live a "good life?" What makes something "good" or "bad?" Is something always "right" or "wrong" and if so, what determines this? ETHICS / MORAL PHILOSOPHY

Is Philosophy "useful?"

Outside of the question of "how do we know if something is going to be useful to us or not?" It is the case that Philosophy is a discipline that lends itself to a type of thinking that has many applications. Have browse through the materials on Career Pilot to see where a course on Philosophy might take you.

Did you know...Langport's most famous resident Walter Bagehot studied Moral Philosophy before making a major contribution to what we now understand to be the British Constitution.