Use of Chromebooks & More!

To email the Tech Hub if you have a tech issue or question, click here: ---Make sure you give DETAILS of the problem, I can't help if you are not clear with your Tech Issue--- and give your name and Student ID# if you know it. Let the Hub know what things you've tried to fix it yourself. CLICK HERE for Tips & Tricks to give it a try!

Kid Friendly Sites!

Award Ribbons Scavenger Hunt - Go thru this Kids Site and find Award Ribbons like this and follow through on the quest. You will win a prize depending on how many you complete.

ARIS Tech Hub Rules

Students who FORGET THEIR DEVICE or don't have their device CHARGED will need to get their teachers' permission to request a loaner. This is mainly if there is an assessment or it's needed for classwork (and they can't share with a classmate).

Tech Hub will give out a loaner device if:

  • Student calls home from the office (leaving message if no one is home).

  • Students teacher's permission (first teacher who requests) --We don't need a note-We'll trust the student

    • If that teacher thinks students should have the entire day, that's OK, if the teacher wants students to return it after a certain period, that works too. Student will have to give me that information when they request a loaner.

We need to have students learn a little responsibility (same students get loaners for reasons other than a hardware/ticket problem). Of course, there are special cases and we don't want to hurt the students' feelings on that. We're just trying to catch the students who should know to bring their device EVERY DAY and make sure it's fully charged every day. :) I know that when they get to the Middle School and the High School that they will not be given an opportunity to get a borrowed device if they forget theirs or they don't have it charged.

ALSO NOTE: We have a charging station cabinet in the Tech Hub if students want to leave their uncharged device for a few periods of the day. It will be THEIR responsibility to do that. I will not give loaners out for that reason, UNLESS the teacher requests it. All classrooms should have a classroom charger for that purpose. We are looking into getting more of those classroom chargers, as we notice that some of your chargers are damaged from over use :)