7th Grade Social Studies

December 3, 2018: Hello all it has been a pleasure filling in for Mr. Walsh.

Please refer to his site https://sites.google.com/a/htps.org/mr-walsh/ for any further correspondence about the class going forward.

I hope the class was as fun for you as it was for me.

Educationally yours,

Mr. Schiff

Always check below and on the calendar for this week's happenings. These two areas will explain any new materials we will cover as well as any upcoming quizzes or tests.

Homework will always be posted on the calendar, the homework section of this site as well as your stream on google classroom.

Engage & Explore

For the week of Nov 26 - Nov 30 we will be focusing on reviewing and reading new material on:


Chapter 10: Oligarchy in Sparta

Sec 4: Democracy in Athens, Pg. 318-321


As we do not have much time for quizzing due to shortened periods we will be playing in class review and quiz games on Chapter 10, Sec 4. Please come to class ready to play!