What's going on in Miss Meyer's second grade class?

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(this time of the year gets tricky with snow days and test dates-please check back to see if anything has changed after we have a snow day!)

Week of 1/14/19

Send your child in with a labeled water bottle every day!

Quick Subject Weekly Overview

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Language Arts:

  • FUNdations- Unit 7 Week 2
  • Literacy by Design theme- Many States, One Country


vocab=reside, route, state, journey, boundary, terrain

Genre: animal fantasy, personal narrative

Skills: use fix-up strategies; use punctuation to inform meaning

Grammar: proper nouns (titles), common v.s. proper nouns

Writing Trait: organization

Writing Organizational Pattern: main idea and details

  • Theme test at the end of the second week (1/18)

Math: Chapter 6 - Add Three-Digit Numbers

  • Test 1/17

Science: Chapter 5 - Weather and other Earth Changes

  • Quiz - 1/16

Social Studies: Chapter 3: The World Around Us

  • Quiz - 1/31

Spanish: January~

-Theme- Greetings and leave-takings

-Word Wall-Body parts

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