IFN High School Youth Core

Islamic Foundation North | 1751 S. O'Plaine Road, Libertyville, IL | info@hsycore.com | (773) 234-CORE (2673)

Assalamu Alaykum,

Welcome to the IFN High School Youth Core’s (HSYC) home page. The HSYC is an exciting program specially designed for Muslim high school students. The mission of HSYC is to seek the pleasure of Allah Most High by fostering a sense of Islamic identity amongst the youth so that they are empowered to actively and comfortably practice their faith in American society. The program started in 2007, and registrations are open for the 2018 - 2019 year. Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about this unique endeavor.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran,