How do I contact HSYC?

Phone Number: (773) 234-CORE (2673)

Email Address: info@hsycore.com

What is IFN?

IFN stands for Islamic Foundation North. It is a mosque located at 1751 S. O’Plaine Road, Libertyville, IL.

What is the difference between IFN Sunday School and the IFN High School Youth Core Program?

Sunday School now serves students from Pre-K to 8th Grade, while the HSYC Program is for 9th to 12th Grade students.

Are the breaks the same for HSYC and Sunday School?

Students in the HSYC Program will be off all days that Sunday School is not in session. In addition, students in the HSYC will have a longer winter break and spring break to allow students to study for their high school final exams. For more information please see our Calendar.

Are there any transportation arrangements?

We understand that transportation can be challenging. In order to help we will work with families to set up carpooling whenever possible. Please email us at info@hsycore.com if you are interested.

What is included in the $200 registration fee?

Books and weekly snacks are included in the $200 registration fee. Additional income is used to cover marketing, special events, and school supplies. Please email us at info@hsycore.com if you would like more information.