The IFN High School Youth Core's mission is to seek the pleasure of Allah Most High by fostering a strong sense of Islamic identity amongst the youth so that they are empowered to actively and comfortably practice their faith in American society.


Foster Islamic Identity by having the youth:

  • Learn to love God and develop a desire to draw closer to Him
  • Appreciate the life of our Messenger (S) and his dedication to the Ummah
  • Develop a deep-seated love and pride for their faith and its practices
  • Identify the masjid as a source of comfort, inspiration, and spirituality
  • Establish lasting relationships with Muslim friends and mentors
  • Be comfortable and confident in sharing their religion with non-Muslims

Promote the practice of Islam by having the youth:

  • Recognize the fundamental relationship between identity and practice
  • Acquire the essential Islamic knowledge needed to follow their faith
  • Understand that passionate and consistent practice deepens one's love for God
  • Embody the Prophetic example through leadership and service
  • Learn how to live their faith in everyday American society


Islamic Foundation North's High School Youth Core program was founded in 2007 by Amir Bari Siddiqui and Aisha Arif with the goal of creating a welcoming environment designed by young people for high school students to continue coming to the masjid after graduating from Sunday School. It began as one class, aimed at developing leadership in high school students, and Alhamdulillah, within two years was able to expand to ten classes. In 2012, under the leadership of Omar Jamil, High School Youth Core restructured its programming in order to better cater to high school students by creating mentor groups and themes that each mentor will focus on rather than learning in a traditional classroom setting. Students will not only receive a core Islamic education, but will also be able to learn about and discuss issues they are interested in with the guidance of HSYC’s many young yet highly qualified mentors. In 2013 the curriculum reintroduced the elective classes to go along with the mentor groups.