The Southwest Arkansas College Preparatory Academy (SWACPA) helps students prepare for college through a focus on teaching critical thinking skills and college-level subject matter. We empower students so they are ready to take on the responsibility of college – and be successful as well. Our focus is on creating life-long learners who contribute positively to their communities.

SWACPA recruits students from area high schools with the following goals in mind:

  • Increase each student’s ACT score to 19 and above
  • Decrease the number of students requiring remediation
  • Increase college-going rate and persistence
  • Utilize test data to increase student success
  • Reach academically challenged students at a time when fundamental educational strategies can be reinforced without the stigma of “remediation”

Students who are accepted into the academy sign commitment agreements with their parents and the Academy to attend 10-12 Saturday sessions during the school year and a two-week summer program where high school and college instructors team up to provide targeted, intensive instruction and support to help students become college-ready.

Why apply for SWACPA?

Students benefit from the commitment of a team – student, parents, high school teachers, college professors and administrators all work together to achieve greater college success.

Students are able to spend time on a college campus, including 10 Saturdays and 10 summer days.

The Academy offers data-based college and career planning, including pre- and post-program and benchmark assessment using ACT and ACT Aspire.

High school and college faculty members work in teams to help students develop career goals and plans, increase scores, qualify for scholarship programs and avoid remedial courses.

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