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GT News

Students Rocked Robotics in the LEGO Mania Summer 2023 Class.

Fourth and Fifth grade students enjoyed building, creating, designing, and programming with LEGO EV3 robotics kits. Watch the video to see the amazing things they accomplished during the week. 

Fourth grade students researched Wisconsin history and government, wrote a script and taught their facts in a creative way. See videos below.

Resources for Families

The Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted (WATG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of parents, students, educators, business and industry personnel, and other interested persons dedicated to fostering a climate in the home, school, and community that allows each individual to reach his or her unique potential. To connect with WATG visit their website

Student Created Website: Challenge Central

Problem: 3rd Grade students at Meadowbrook were having way too much fun with some of their challenges. They wanted to share some of their favorite activities with their classmates. 

Solution: Create a website and share the fun! 

Elementary Writing Conference- May 4, 2023

Fourth grade students from our district met with students from around Northeast Wisconsin at the Brown County STEM Innovation Center. Students learned creative writing techniques, constructed journals, and connected with nature while celebrating writing. Check out the video to learn more about the day. Thanks to Kyle an HSSD student who created the video. 

Think Win-Win 2023.mp4

Think Win-Win

Two Howard Elementary first-grade students collaborated with a fourth-grade student to create a video for Habit 4: Think Win-Win. The fourth-grade student built and coded a Lego EV3 that was used in the video, while the first-graders wrote the script and acted out the scenes. Well done, gentlemen! Way to Think Win-Win!

Suamico Elementary and Bay Harbor third grade reading enrichment students created book trailers for Chasing Vermeer. They worked to highlight the important parts of the story without giving away too much. We hope their book trailers encourage others to read this fascinating book!

Delta Kappa Gamma Writing Competition Winner

Bennett, a third grader at Meadowbrook, participated in the Delta Kappa Gamma writing competition. Students from many districts participated in this competition. Bennett's book, Going Fishing on the Bay, was a story about fishing with his father and grandfather. This book tied for 1st place in the local competition and third place at the state level! Congratulations, Bennett!

National Railroad Museum STEM Field Trip 

Fourth-grade students from the elementary schools at HSSD came together in February for a day of STEAM Innovation. They learned about the importance of trains in our transportation system and then designed their own. It was fun to see how well their trains stood up to the "bowling ball test". Watch the video to learn more!


SOAR Camp is a non-profit, traditional summer camp for gifted 3-8th graders in northern Wisconsin. The camp includes: bunking in cabins, water play, hiking, crafting, music making, night sky watching, mess hall dining... Campers create lasting friendships while participating in enrichment, leadership and team building opportunities.

SOAR Camp has dates for summer 2023. The SOAR camp website has more detailed information on camp opportunities and enrollment or you can email 

Bay Harbor Student Places First in Poster Contest

March 2023

Elsa, a Bay Harbor 4th grader, placed first for her grade level in the fifth annual Keep Wildlife Wild poster contest. The Contest was open to 4th, 5th and 6th graders across the state.

You can visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website to see all of the winning entries. Many congratulations to Elsa for her creativity and hard work ! 

2022-23 Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) Writing Competition Local Winner!

Congratulations to Suamico Elementary fourth grader, Lauren, for tying for first place at the local chapter level in the writing competition. Lauren's book titled Millie Jumps Over the Moon, can be read by clicking the title above. Way to go Lauren!

Howard Suamico Student is Finalist in Poetry Contest

Meadowbrook student, Grace Zahn, qualified as a finalist in the national poetry contest hosted by the Pulitzer Center. Grace participated in the "Fighting Words Poetry Contest" with the help of her teacher, Mrs. Gauthier. As part of their language arts enrichment studies, students explored various topics through essays and wrote their own poems reflecting those topics. Read Grace's poem, "The Sparrow's Home," on the Fighting Words Poetry Contest winner and finalist page. To learn more visit the Pulitzer Center's Website. 

Students Ideate, Create, and Program for LEGO EV3 Success

Forty students took up the challenge this summer to learn more about programming and designing using the LEGO EV3 platform. Students worked collaboratively to build bots that could complete various engineering challenges with one of the highlights being the "battlebots" competition. Elements of the HSSD graduate profile were evident in the students as they needed to be adaptable, collaborative communicators, and critical thinkers to achieve success. Watch the video to see some of the week's highlights.  

2021-22 GT Consortium of CESA 7 Logo Competition

Congratulations to Jaclyn, a Bay Harbor 3rd grader, for winning the logo competition with her wise owl logo design. There were over 50 submissions from grades k-12 from the surrounding districts. Her logo will appear on various CESA 7 GT Consortium print and digital media. Way to go Jaclyn!

Wise Owl Logo

2022 Elementary Writing Conference

Some students from the Howard Suamico School District enjoyed a day of learning at the Brown County Stem Innovation Center. The goal of the writing conference was to provide young, aspiring and talented writers a chance to engage in a day of enrichment where they could participate in different types of writing. This one day writing conference was sponsored in part by the CESA 7 Gifted and Talented Consortium. Click HERE to see more pictures from the retreat.

2021-22 Delta Kappa Gamma Zeta Chapter Winners

Congratulations to eight Howard Suamico students (one not pictured) for placing at the local level in the writing competition.  Congratulations to all of the winners and those who participated.

2021-22 Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) Writing Competition State Winners

Congratulations to Suamico fourth grader, Lydia, and Meadowbrook fourth grader, Jennifer, for tying for first place at the state level in the writing competition. Lydias' book titled The Tennessee Night, and Jennifer's book titled Time Lapse, can be read by clicking the titles. Way to go Lydia and Jennifer!

2021-22 Fourth Grade STEAM Day 

Click this link to view the 2021-22 STEAM event.