Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates

by Jonah Winter

Genre - biography

Paired Text - Baseball Poems

Genre - poetry

Essential Question:

What are the traits of a hero?

Reading Goals

Target Skills - cause and effect, literal and non literal meanings

Target Strategy - visualize

Fluency - intonation


long vowel sound i

words spelled with i, ie, igh

Skill Links

Cause/Effect Game

Cause and Effect Jeopardy

Virtual Smithsonian Clemente Exhibit

Cause/Effect Test Tutor

Flippy's Adventure Cause/Effect

Cause /Effect Organizer

Into the Book:


Literal and Non literal meanings

Cause and Effect Ormie the Pig

Roberto Clemente Video

Comic Creator for Cause and Effect

Spelling Goals

Spelling - long i spellings

slight mild sight pie mind tie

pilot might lie tight blind fight

die midnight find night silent frightening

Vocabulary Skill Links

Strategy - prefix mis-

stands -the bleachers at a playing field or stadium

fans - a person with a keen interest in or admiration for someone or something

score - to gain a point or points in a game, contest, or test

league - a group of sports teams that compete mainly among themselves

slammed - to strike with force; crash

polish - to make smooth and shiny, especially by rubbing

style - a way of dressing or acting

pronounced - to say clearly, correctly, or in a given manner

Vocab Quiz

Grammar Skill Links

plural nouns with -s, and -es

Singular/Plural Matching Game

Singular/Plural Matching Game 2

Singular/Plural concentration Game

Singular/Plural Game

Grammar Snap Video: Plurals of Words Ending in s

Bug Catcher - Plurals

The Plural Girls


Focus Trait - sentence fluency

Writing Type - narrative (draft a personal narrative)