Life on the Ice

Life on the Ice

by Susan E. Goodman

Genre - informational text

Paired Text - The Raven

Genre - myth

Essential Question:

What are the coldest places on Earth like?

Reading Goals

Target Skills - main ideas/details, literal and nonliteral meanings

Target Strategy - infer/predict

Fluency - accuracy


compound words

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Video about Life on the Ice

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Compound Words

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Language Goals

Spelling - compound words

birthday anyone

sometimes everything

homework afternoon

airplane grandmother

something without

himself faraway

someone sunburned

daylight cannot

scorekeeper everybody


Strategy - dictionary/glossary

shelter - something that protects or covers

colony - a group of living things of the same kind living or growing together

constant - without a break or pause

wilderness - an area in a wild, natural state in which there are no people

overheated - too hot

climate - the usual weather that occurs in a place

region - a usually large area of the earth's surface

unexpected - taking place without warning

gliding - to move smoothly, quietly, and with ease

layer - a single thickness, coating, or sheet of material covering a surface

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What is an Adverb?

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Focus Trait - organization

Writing Type - opinion (persuasive essay)