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Welcome to the Elementary Library

Welcome to the Elementary Library!

Debbie Gillam - Library Media Specialist Diane Clack - Library Media Center Secretary

Each elementary class will visit the library as a group once each week throughout the year. This class time will include instructional time as well as the opportunity to check-out books. Storytime will be included when time is available. We also welcome and encourage students to visit the library independently as needed with teacher permission.

Teachers may also schedule additional class visits to the library for student research assignments.

Students may have two books in their accounts at any one time. More than two books may be checked out if needed for a class assignment or at the discretion of library staff. Books have a two week loan period. In addition to the two books, students may also check out one magazine when attending with their entire class. Magazines are loaned only overnight and must be returned in their protective envelopes. There are no fines for late materials, but all overdue materials must be returned before check out privileges resume.

We encourage our students to be responsible for the items they borrow, but parents will ultimately be held accountable. Fines will be assessed for lost or damaged materials. The original cost of the book will be charged for lost books or books with irreparable damage. Water (or other liquid) damage is considered irreparable damage due to the potential for mold growth.

The library is open to students from 8:30 AM - 3:15 PM on days that school is in session. Parents may visit our library daily from 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM on most days that school is in session. (Please note that this is subject to change without notice.)

Per District policy, students must have a signed technology agreement form on file to use the internet. This includes the Online Public Access Catalog for our library.

Our goal is for each student to love reading independently as much as we do. We hope each of you will be a "frequent flyer"!