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Hawks Rollback Waiver

What is the Hawks Rollback Waiver?

The Hawks Rollback Waiver is a no tax increase ballot measure that will allow us to utilize the “Proposition C” rollback to continue to use our money for operating funds without increasing the total tax levy. When we collect taxes, we have to indicate where the money will go. We currently have $3.0393 per 100 dollars of assessed valuation that goes toward operating our District and $1.5792 per 100 dollars of assessed valuation that goes to paying long-term debt for the 2018-2019 school year. This results in a total combined levy of $4.6185 per 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

“Proposition C” is the state’s one-cent sales tax, dedicated to education, approved by Missouri voters in 1982. Property tax rate (tax levy) is reduced or increased to equal one-half of the adjusted Proposition C revenue received and maintain District revenues. The intent of the Proposition C rollback is to allow the property tax rate to adjust up or down annually depending on the state sales tax collections sent to the District; as sales tax collections increase, the property tax rate can decrease, and vice versa.

Our voters approved a full waiver on April 7, 1998 for a period of 20 years. We have been relying on funding for operational costs. There was a $1,629,417 decrease in operating levy funds for the 2018-2019 school year. This represents a 16% decrease in Operating Levy Funds that will directly impact our students.

What will our school gain from Hawks Rollback Waiver?

If supported by our community, the measure will allow us to maintain funding that the District has relied upon for operational costs. These funds directly impact students and are used for: Transportation of Students, Quality Classroom Teachers, Counselors, Support Staff, Technology, Supplies, Instructional Programs, and Extra-Curricular Athletics and Activities, etc.

During our current school year, the District was able to minimize the impact of the loss of operating funds on students by utilizing district reserves. This is not a viable long-term solution.

Maintaining the quality education and services that impact students is the highest priority of the District. Approval of the waiver will make the rollback permanent and allow the District to utilize the same funding calculation for operating needs that it has for 20 years.

Is this a tax increase?

No. The Hawks Rollback Waiver is a no net increase to the total tax levy. The total levy will remain the same. The District intends to reduce the debt service levy and shift these funds to the operating levy in tax year 2019 and each year thereafter. Therefore, the measure would not require a tax increase. A debt service levy is temporary and expires when debt is paid off. If the Hawks Rollback Waiver is not approved, the overall levy would be reduced as the district debt is paid off.

Does the tax become permanent?

Yes, approval of the Hawks Rollback Waiver would result in a permanent funding source for the operating expenses of the District allowing the District to maintain the quality education and services it currently provides. As you can see in the chart below, the district has reduced the tax rate voluntarily the last four years. The district works hard to be conscious of the costs to our taxpayers and maintain a levy that is appropriate for meeting the needs of our students.

How does the Operating Levy in 2018-2019 compare to other years?

What is the average cost per household?

As the intent is to maintain the same overall levy listed above, there is no increased cost because of this ballot measure. The ballot measure is requesting approval of the Proposition C rollback permanently. This rollback would maintain the revenues used to pay operating expenses without increasing the overall levy. Assuming the value of a home in the Hillsboro School District is $100,000, the permanent shift would equate to approximately $110.04 per year or .30 cents per day in order to maintain quality education and services.

Why is there a need for a ballot measure?

In order to make the Proposition C waiver permanent, a simple majority vote is required. Our Board of Education approved a resolution for a special school election to be held on April 2, 2019 for the purpose of asking our community to pass the Hawks Rollback Waiver.

What is the official ballot language?


Shall the Board of Education of the Reorganized School District R-3 of Jefferson County, Missouri be authorized to eliminate fully the sales tax reduction in its operating levy for school purposes (the Proposition C rollback) as provided under Section 164.013 RSMo?



How can I get more information or get involved?

You can assist by sharing this site with others in our community, informing them of the Hawks Rollback Waiver, and joining the proposition committee by emailing us at or by USPS: Hawks Rollback Waiver Committee - P.O. Box 444 - Hillsboro, MO 63050

As always, we appreciate your continued support!