Yonder Mountain:

A Cherokee Legend

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Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend

by Robert H. Bushyhead

Genre - legend

Paired Text - The Trail of Tears

Genre - Informational Text

Essential Question:

Why are stories from different cultures important?

Reading Goals

Target Skills - compare and contrast, story message

Target Strategy - analyze/evaluate

Fluency - reading rate


contractions with - n't, 'd, 've

Skill Links

Compare and Contrast Video Stories

Comparing and Contrasting with Dory and Marlin (Beginners)

Compare and Contrast Test Tutor

Story Projectables

Language Goals

Spelling - contractions

I'd he's haven't doesn't

let's there's wouldn't what's

she's aren't hasn't couldn't

he'd they're can't isn't

we're weren't


Strategy - homophones and homographs

examined - to look at carefully

peak - the top of a mountain

fondly - lovingly or tenderly

steep - rising or falling sharply

rugged - having a rough surface or jagged outline

mist - a mass of tiny drops of water in the air

pausing - to stop briefly

pleaded - to make an urgent request, appeal

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subject-verb agreement

Skill Links

Subject-Verb Agreement Game

Subject-Verb Mix-up

Verb Viper

Quia Subject-Verb Agreement


Focus Trait - organization

Writing Type - informational (informative paragraph)

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