The Trial of Cardigan Jones

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The Trial of Cardigan Jones

by Tim Egan

Genre - fantasy

Paired Text - You Be the Jury

Genre - informational text

Essential Question:

Why are courts an important part of our government?

Reading Goals

Target Skills - conclusions, author's word choice

Target Strategy - infer/predict

Fluency - phrasing


long vowel a, e, i, o, u

words with the VCe pattern

Skill Links

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Squeak Sneak

Language Goals

Spelling - VCe spellings

spoke mile save excuse

cone invite cube price

erase ripe broke flame

life rule these those

surprise decide


Strategy - dictionary/glossary

trial - the studying and deciding of a case in a court of law

jury - a group of citizens chosen to listen to the facts and proof on cases presented in a court of law

convinced - to persuade to do or to believe

guilty - having committed a crime or bad deed

pointed - to call attention to something with the finger

honest - not lying, stealing, or cheating

murmur - a low, continuous sound

stand - the place taken by a witness in court

Skill Links

Study Stack


Dictionary Use Video


kinds of sentences

Skill Links

Grammar Snap: Telling and Asking

Sentence Trail Game

Types of Sentences Video

Grammar Snap: Command & Exclamatory

Sentence Clubhouse Game


Focus Trait - ideas

Writing Type - narrative (dialogue)

Skill Links