The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman

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The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman

by Darcy Pattison

Genre - Fantasy

Paired Text - Moving the U.S. Mail

Genre - Informational Text

Essential Question:

How can people communicate over long distances?

Reading Goals

Target Skills - sequence of events, formal and informal language

Target Strategy - analyze/evaluate

Fluency - reading rate


suffixes -ful, -y, -ous, -ly, -er

Skill Links

Listen to the Story

Language Goals

Spelling - suffixes -ful, -y, -ous, -ly, -er

singer loudly joyful teacher

fighter closely powerful farmer

quickly careful friendly speaker

wonderful truly hopeful safely

listener calmly


Strategy - suffixes -er, -est

sincere - honest, truthful

managed - succeeded

loaded - piled

loveliest - most beautiful, most delightful

pleasure -enjoyment

conversations - talks with someone

inspired - caused someone to act, think, or feel a certain way

reunion - a coming together again

currently - as of now

terror -great fear

Skill Links


possessive nouns and pronouns

Skill Links


Focus Trait - voice

Writing Type - Narrative (dialogue)

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