The Extra-Good Sunday

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The Extra-Good Sunday

by Beverly Cleary

Genre - Humorous Fiction

Paired Text - Imagine a Recipe

Genre - Informational Text

Essential Question:

Why are safety rules important?

Reading Goals

Target Skills - understanding characters, formal and informal language

Target Strategy - infer/predict

Fluency - expression


words with -er, -ir, -ur, -or

Skill Links

Listen to the Story

Characters and Plot

Terrific Traits

Inferences Quia

Inference Battleship

Past Tense Verbs Video

Characters and Inferences

Inference Video

Character and Plot

Inferences Song

Beverly Cleary Website

Story Projectables


Language Goals

Spelling - vowel + /r/ sound in nurse

nurse work shirt hurt

first word serve curly

dirt third worry turn

stir firm her girl

perfect hamburger


Strategy - using a thesaurus

festive - merry, joyous

ingredients - one of the parts that make up a mixture or combination

degrees - one of the units into which a measuring instrument, such as a thermometer, is divided

remarked - to say or write casually

recommended - to advise

anxiously - nervously or fearfully

cross - in a bad mood, grumpy grouchy

tense - anxious or nervous

Skill Links

Quia Vocabulary


verb tenses

Skill Links

Verb Tense Train

Basic Past Tense Verbs

Verb Tense Match

Verb Train

Past & Present Tense Verbs

Perfect Verb Match


Focus Trait - voice

Writing Type - informative (draft an explanatory essay)

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