A Fine, Fine School

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A Fine, Fine School

by Sharon Creech

Genre - humorous fiction

Paired Text - One-Room Schoolhouses

Genre - informational text

Essential Question:

How is learning at school different from learning at home?

Reading Goals

Target Skills - story structure, analyze illustrations

Target Strategy - summarize

Fluency - accuracy


short vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u

words with the VCCV pattern

Skill Links

Story Structure

Questions about Plot

Questions about Setting

Listen to the Story

Summarizing Rags to Riches

Summarizing a Text Video

Text Structure Practice

Guess the Setting

Projectables for the Story

Study Zone Setting 1

Study Zone Setting 2

Study Zone Setting 3

Identify Realistic Story Elements

Cinderella Interactive Plot

Subject/Predicate PowerPoint

Language Goals

Spelling - short vowels

crop plan thing smell

shut sticky spent lunch

pumpkin clock gift class

skip swing next hug

hospital fantastic


Strategy - context clues

principal - the head of a school

soared - to rise or fly high in the air

strolled - to walk in a slow, relaxed way

worried - uneasy; anxious

proud - feeling pleased and satisfied over something owned, made, or done

announced - to officially make known

fine - excellent; of high quality

certainly - surely; without a doubt

Skill Links

Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary Matching

Quia Context Clues

Drop-Down Context Clues

Words in Context

Context Clues Video

Cows - Context Clues game

Sentence Monkey


simple sentences

Skill Links

Subjects and Predicate Review

Assorted Subjects and Predicates

Schoolhouse Rock - Sub and Pred

Grammar Snap Video

Easy Simple Sentences Game

Trapped! Sentence Game

Rags to Riches Sub/Pred


Focus Trait - word choice

Writing Type - Narrative (descriptive paragraph)

Skill Links