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Preparing for Online Learning

ICT Services has compiled a small list of tools that staff can leverage to engage in an Online or Distance Learning scenario.

We certainly recognize that not all students may have access to the tools required to deliver all content to everyone however this should cover the majority of staff/students.

ICT Services will continue to provide support for all IT related services moving forward. Please contact or 204-320-2382 (4357 4- digit dial within a school)

KAMI has now supplied HSD with free Premium Access until April 30th. Simply register with your email address and it should configure everything for you.

Core Applications

You have access to multiple Google Services as part of the HSD G Suite partnership

These services can be accessed in multiple ways:

  • Visit the HSD website and select Google Apps under the staff links in the lower right hand corner
  • Go to and click the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

It is important to ensure that you are always logged in with your HSD supplied Google account information. Using a personal Google account will not allow you access to all the services as part of the HSD G Suite partnership.

Content delivery, assignments delivery and marking, boosting collaboration and fostering communication.

Refer to Slide Deck above for Guidance

Video Conferencing solution with built in Chat & live streaming capabilities. Links can be created and uploaded to Google Classroom for students access.

Refer to Slide Deck above for Guidance

Recording flipped classroom lesson plans and uploading to Google Classroom

Refer to Slide Deck above for Guidance

Create classes that allow you to see students screens, communicate and provide support.

Refer to Slide Deck above for Guidance

1:1 or Class based chat sessions for sharing information and provide support.

Provides the IT Department to provide support to staff and students remotely

Office Lens trims, enhances and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. Office Lens can convert images to editable Word and PowerPoint files too.

Improve engagement and interaction in the classroom with Kami as your digital pen and paper.

How do I teach remotely with video calls?

Set up your home for video calling

Find a location with strong WiFi signal, find a clear background and ensure plenty of natural light. When using webcam, turn your camera off to reduce lag.

Start a video call with your class

With Hangouts Meet you can create video calls and invite your entire class. Please conserve bandwidth and turn off your camera when possible.


Live Q&A's with your class

Use Audience Q&A in Slides to get real time questions from students which can be upvoted by the rest of the class.


Livestream your lesson

Live streaming saves bandwidth on weaker internet connections. Create a calendar appointment and invite your class to watch.


How do I teach remotely without video calls?

Communicate and engage with students

Use Google Classroom to set assignments, encourage collaboration, and support communication with students when teaching from home.


Make a class website for your students

With Google Sites you can easily create a private class website to host lesson information, worksheets, videos and more.


Create an online quiz for your class

Set and automatically mark quizzes and assessments with Google Forms.


Provide real-time feedback in Docs

Use the comment feature in Google Docs to provide quick, in-context feedback whilst students work.


Tools to make lessons accessible to all

Enable closed captions

Show students how to enable subtitles on Hangouts Meet.


Type with your voice

Students can use voice typing to enter, edit, and format text in Docs and Slides, all without a keyboard.


Learn about accessibility features on a Chromebook

Help teach your students how to use the accessibility features on their Chromebooks.


Learn about accessibility features in G Suite

Teach your students to use assistive technology in G Suite, like voice typing and braille support.


How do I keep engaged with staff and students?

Support student discussion

Encourage discussion by having students post questions and comments in Google Classroom.


Arrange 1:1 time

Set up appointment slots in Google Calendar, and allow students to book time for individuals or small groups.


Take virtual coffee breaks together

It's important to stay connected with colleagues. Create regular coffee break events in Calendar and invite others to join via 'Hangouts Meet' video call.


Stay connected with instant messaging

Use Hangouts Chat to stay connected with colleagues. Set up chat groups so you can connect in smaller groups.


Teacher Resources

Training & Resources

Dedicated educators are lifelong learners. With that in mind, Google has designed free, online training for the classroom that helps educators do what they do best, even better. Whether you're here to learn one new thing or to start the path to Google mastery, we've got you covered. The teacher center has content to meet you where you are and get you where you want to be.


Chromebook App Hub

Chromebooks open up a world of possibilities for learning. Explore ideas and apps to inspire budding digital citizens, scientists, and world explorers. With the right Chromebook tools, learners can achieve any goal. Discover apps and ideas that were designed with learning in mind.