The goal of Hanover School Division is to achieve Deeper Learning through engaging learning environments, collaborative learning partnerships, high yield pedagogical practices, and the leveraging of digital technology. By embedding digital technologies into classroom practice, we accelerate, amplify, and add value to learning. Chromebook 1:1 will enhance learning by creating a personalized student-centred learning environment. The use of Chromebooks support collaborative inquiry and expand learning beyond the classroom. The Hanover School Division has deployed approximately 4500 Chromebooks to students in the division.

With classes currently being closed, students may be using divisional Chromebooks from home. HSD ICT Services is providing some additional online resources to families to use to support Chromebooks at home. Along with these resources ICT Services will be available to families in the event that a Chromebook is having technical issues or malfunctions while out of the school.

Technical Support

If you are having technical issues with your Chromebook, iPad or any other technical questions while access Learning Materials at Home, please complete the following form. We are asking that parents complete the form for all students and all communication back and for will be done through a parent email account. Some additional resources are listed below the Google Form. Always attempt to restart the Chromebook/iPad first, if you are still having an issue after a restart please do not hesitate to complete the form below.

If you prefer to contact a technician directly you can call 204-320-2315 anytime between 9:00am - 3:30pm on weekdays.

Email will be monitored Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm

Chromebook Resources