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Weekly Plan is your outline of work for the week.


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Mrs. Kellrooney 4/5

Mrs. Raboin Grade 4/5

Mrs. Kellrooney Grade 6-8

Mrs. Raboin 6-8

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2/3 Class Code: 83673887

4/5 Class Code: 85952700

6-8 Class Code: 77444984

Includes Augmented Reality, Java Script, Python & Web Development
Day by day projects, lessons, and magazines for students.
Learn about artifacts from around the world with a virtual museum field trip.
Each day, we pose an intriguing question—the Wonder of the Day
Science and math simulations for teaching STEM topics.
Free online learning videos in a variety of topics
Museum of Science-Boston Live stream webinars, podcasts and chats with real scientists
Listen to stories read online by actors and actresses.
Get inspired with thousands of resources including videos.