Coyote Battalion

Honor Unit With Distinction 2006-2019

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2019 Battalion Video

"To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens and Develop Leaders."

JROTC is an elective course that covers a wide range of topics such as study skills necessary to survive in high school, the complexity of brain function, civics, financial management, first responder skills, land navigation, career exploration, and leadership. We do this using a military structure, but we are not actively recruiting students into the Armed Forces. Every student at OTHS has the opportunity to enroll and be involved.

Classes meet during the normal school day, with optional co-curricular opportunities. Our scheduling is flexible to allow students to enroll in STEM/Honors programs as well as enroll in band and classes at the United Technologies Center. Student athletes can also take advantage of this opportunity for the competitive events, and to enhance their leadership ability. Students are able to be multi-dimensional, because JROTC at OTHS is an alternate pathway to earning credits. After the completion of one year students earn an elective credit, after two years they are awarded credit for Health, after three years Civics, and after four years P.E.


Garrett Engstrom

Sophomore Class President


Matt Brooks



Gracie Sanborn

Field Hockey, Track,

Student Council