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Please follow this link to access the most up to date information about your child's grades. If you need further assistance, please contact the counseling department at HMS at (870) 741-9764.

Mr. Brewer

About me

  • Harrison is where I call home.
  • I'm married & have two children (8th & 6th grades).
  • I enjoy running, Jeeping, & spending time with my family.
  • We have one dog and two cats.
  • I could listen to Christmas music year-round.
  • I believe that children are wonderful individuals full of growth and potential when given the opportunity and many times in spite of the lack of opportunity.

~ Trent Brewer

About HMS

Harrison Middle School has approximately 835 students in grades 5-8. Grades five & six are grouped on teams. Some teams have two teachers, and some teams have three teachers. The two teacher teams have approximately 50 students, and the three teacher teams have approximately 75 students. Literacy and math classes are 90 minutes each. Science and social studies are usually taught by the same teacher. The teacher may use the 90 minutes as needed for those two subjects. All students have activity class which is 50 minutes long. The activity classes are P.E., art, music, and library.

Contact me


phone: (870) 741-9764

fax: (870) 741-3339

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