ProjectLIT Book Club

Our school is part of the #ProjectLIT Community! Along with students in over 1,000 schools across the United States, we are reading books from the #ProjectLIT middle grade and young adult book lists. These books:

  • are well-written and culturally relevant

  • promote inclusion and diversity

  • provide mirrors that reflect different cultures and help build identity

  • provide windows that offer a view into different experiences

  • spark conversations

  • promote empathy, kindness, and community

7th and 8th graders,

Sign up below if you'd like to be a part of the #ProjectLIT Book Club, and take the ProjectLIT Book Club Challenge! Download, print, or take a screenshot of the challenge reading sheet and keep track of the challenges you complete. When you have completed 6, you'll earn a t-shirt!

Look at the book selection list to learn more about the books and to see which ones you'd like to read.

Browse the ProjectLIT Collection in the Destiny Library Catalog and in the OverDrive Sora app.

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ProjectLIT Student Challenge - 2020.pdf

Read about the ProjectLIT 2020 Book Selections

ProjectLIT 2020 - Book Selections, Summaries (1).pdf

Read the Book of the Month

Check out a copy of the Book of the Month from Mrs. Bellomy