Hyde Park Hawk Athletics

Hyde Park is proud to offer 3/4 and 5/6 boys and girls soccer programs in the fall, as well as 3/4 and 5/6 boys and girls basketball programs in the winter months. We also offer K-2 introductory skills for both soccer and basketball during the same time frames.


Please follow our chain of command if you have minor questions or concerns;

1. Talk to your child

2. Talk to your child's coach

3. Talk to the athletic's coordinator

Hawk Vision - HPES Sports Philosophy

At Hyde Park we believe that every student that chooses to participate in an athletics program has a great deal to offer. Our focus is on Safety, Fun, and Skill Development. At the elementary school level, every child that is willing to be present, work hard, and maintain a respectful attitude toward self and others will earn abundant playing time. Although winning games is a goal, it will NEVER be the most important aspect of our athletics program.

Furthermore, to participate in an extra-curricular activity such as soccer or basketball is a privilege, not an expectation. Behavior during the school day, as well as at practices or games, may result in consequences regarding school sport.

The research supporting youth participation in extra-curricular activities far reaching benefits is astounding. Leadership, increased focus in class, positive work ethic, and social development are just a few of the incredible life skills that are focused on during these activities.

Contact Information - Please see Basketball or Fall Soccer Page for individual coach contacts.

Athletic Director - Bethann Pirie

Email - athleticinfo@hpes.org