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Sora is your gateway to the best selection of ebooks and audiobooks available to schools, spanning millions of titles from thousands of publishers. With a catalog for all interests and abilities, Sora truly offers something for all readers:

  • Instructional titles

  • Pleasure reading

  • Professional development resources

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More Book and Reading Resources

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Free online books and video links, needs a unique username and password. Most classrooms have these. Check with your teacher. Lots of great books to read on the screen, plus a few to listen to!

Bookshare makes reading easier. People with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers can customize their experience to suit their learning style and find virtually any book they need for school, work, or the joy of reading. Check in with your special educator for access.


Similar to Sora, created by the same parent company Overdrive.

Download audio-books or eBooks to your IPhone, Android Phone, Kindle, iPad, MP3, or other device for FREE through the Green Mountain Library Consortium. Access via your Lanpher Memorial Library account, your password is your library account number. There are new eBooks and Audio-books which may be loaned for up to 14 days, with an option for renewal if the titles has no holds pending. Reach out to Ms. Amy Olsen for your login.

Free Reading Fun!

Virtual Storytelling from CLiF - view regional authors & illustrators here!

Aiden Tyler is your typical middle school student. Rides the bus. Likes comic books. Tolerates his sister. But, his life is about to be turned upside down by the Coronavirus. Target audience is grades 4-8.

Free audiobooks - Elementary

KATE MESSNER'S: Read, Wonder & Learn

Favorite Authors & Illustrators share read alouds online. Click and view!

Created by the Screen Actor's Guild, Storyline Online are video clips of picture books read aloud by actors and actresses. What a fantastic treasure to hear books read aloud to you with incredible voice, tone, reflection and star-appeal!


Storytime with Ryan & Craig is a free, short-form reading show for children, parents & educators. Every week, Ryan and Craig read aloud a new children’s book. This show is different from other read aloud videos as it’s hosted by not one, but two men, which is fairly uncommon in the literacy and early education world. This offers a new dynamic to inspire and excite both boys and girls.


The site is intended to be a resource for parents, teachers and children to easily and simply listen to a great collection of children's books. Login not necessary, however a paid membership will block ads.


The ICDL Foundation's goal is to build a collection of books that represents outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world. Ultimately, the Foundation aspires to have every culture and language represented so that every child can know and appreciate the riches of children's literature from the world community.

Literactive is the leading provider of reading material for pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 students available online. All the material is available for free from this site but you need to register.

The essence of the Google Lit Trips project is the use of Google Earth to create immersive 3D literary field trips where students virtually become traveling companions with characters in stories commonly taught in grades kindergarten through high school. This link directs you to K-5 books.

Classic children's stories, brought to life.


A Book and a Hug Website: Reader Personality Types

Team Player, Jokester, Champion, Investigator...Which one are you?