Shop with Scrip

What is Scrip?

HPA has joined in because it offers families the opportunity to earn tuition rebates and also create charitable contributions to HPA.

How do I enroll?

  1. Know HPA's enrollment code. If you don't have it, submit the form a the bottom of this page then return here when you have the code.
  2. Create an account at or add HPA to your existing account.
  3. Before you can receive an order from HPA's program, we must receive a signed family participation agreement from you. You can email the form to, or mail it to HPA, 7995 Timpson Ave SE, Alto, MI 49302.
  4. Sign up for Presto Pay if you wish to have immediate access to ScripNow (Electronic Cards) or reloads. When you receive your 4-digit confirmation code, email it to so that we can activate your Presto Pay account on our end.
  5. Place an order online and pay for it before noon on Friday (via Presto Pay or at rehearsal) to be able to pick it up at rehearsal the following week.

How do the Rebates Get Allocated?

HPA retains 20% of each rebate for program expenses. We suggest that you donate at least an additional 5% in order to help keep tuition prices stable; however, the remaining 80% is yours to decide how to distribute. You may apply it to HPA tuition, donate it to HPA, or receive cash back.

How do I receive my order?


ScripNow and Reload orders paid with Presto Pay are available almost immediately. Physical cards which are paid for before Tuesday at noon will be available for pickup the following week at rehearsal. If you desire to allow someone else (student or friend) to pick up your order, you must authorize this in advance by contacting the Scrip committee. The committee will be available at rehearsal each week at these times:

  • Grand Rapids: Tuesdays, 9:00-11:30
  • Kalamazoo: Thursdays, 2:00-3:30
  • Lansing: Fridays, 10:00-12:00

Physical cards may only be picked up at rehearsals. If there is not an upcoming rehearsal which you can come by to pick up your order, please ONLY place ScripNow or Reload orders.

Here are informational links which may be helpful if you are new to the program: