Performing Arts Camp

Summer 2019

Information for the Performing Arts Camp coming next June will be available by April 2019.

The details below are from the prior camp and is here for informational purposes only.

Registration for 2018 Camp is NOW CLOSED!

2018 Summer Camp Dates and Locations

June 4-8 Grand Rapids Camp

Camp Location: Rush Creek Bible Church (2334 76th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315)

June 11-15 Lansing Camp

Camp Location: Capitol City Baptist Church (5100 Willoughby Rd, Holt, MI 48842)

June 18-22 Kalamazoo Camp

Camp Location: Comstock Auditorium (2107 N 26th St, Kalamazoo, MI 49048)

New To Camp

{Script}ure Hour

Traditionally only available to Encore Students, {Script}ure Hour is now available to all show camp students! {Script}ure Hour will be an immersive experience where we analyze a piece of Scripture and develop a performance from our understanding of the text. It will be from 1-2pm Monday-Thursday. It will culminate into a Scripture performance on Friday at the Show Camp Performance. Those who participate should be prepared for a moderate to substantial amount of memorization work. This hour is required for Encore students but is only an additional $30 for show camp students who wish to participate! This is a unique opportunity that you will not want to miss! Students of all ages are welcome!


Registration for 2018 Camp is closed as all weeks are completed or full. Registration for 2019 will open in late March.

If you have any questions please email us at

Camp Schedule

Show Camp: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm; Friday 12:00-9:00pm.

{Script}ure Hour: Monday-Thursday 1:00-2:00pm; Friday 10:30am-9:00pm.

Encore Camp: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm; Friday 9:00am-9:00pm.

Camp Performance: Friday evening at 6:00pm. All Show and Encore Campers must be present.

Show Camp

Show Camp will cover many aspects of drama and musical theatre performance including:

  • Actor Training (Memorization & Performance)
  • Vocal Performance (Chorus--no solos required)
  • Choreography (Standard Steps, Group Performance)
  • Scene Analysis and more!
  • Show Camp is open to all home-educated students ages 8 and up (by 9/1/18) who are interested in drama and musical theatre.
  • Students will be divided into three “Acts” according to their ages and experience, maximizing each camper’s experience by allowing actors with similar levels of experience to be in the same groups.

{Script}ure Hour

During {Script}ure Hour students will explore:

  • How we can use our bodies, the instruments God gave us, to interpret and perform a piece of Scripture.
  • Incorporating different creative elements into a Scripture performance.
  • Using different elements of the voice as a tool to perform a passage of Scripture.
  • Memorizing large passages of Scripture.
  • {Script}ure Hour is required for Encore Camp Students.
  • {Script}ure Hour is an additional $30 for show camp students who wish to participate.

Encore Camp

This is a not-to-miss opportunity for more advanced performers looking for a highly individualized and interactive experience!

  • Encore students will be in a separate track, focusing on vocals, choreography, performing Scripture, and workshops on different acting techniques and methods.
  • New: During the camp day, Encore students will be exposed to various acting methods and practitioners through workshops and masterclasses. These workshops will then feed into their interpretation of the Scripture work they are doing during {Script}ure Hour and how they can continue to use their bodies and theatre as a vessel for furthering God's word and truth.
  • Encore runs an additional two hours Monday-Thursdays (1-3pm) when campers work on a passage of Scripture and separate into their focus areas.
  • When registering, students should choose one of the following focus areas:
  • Monologue/Character building- must have 2 one-minute monologues prepared for the first day
  • Dance/Movement - will be prepared to do a solo or duet dance piece at the camp performance
  • Vocal Technique/Development- will be prepared to sing a solo or duet for the camp performance
  • Encore is open to home-educated students ages 14 and older who receive camp director's approval based upon prior performing arts experience. While the camp directors must determine that all students are mature enough to enjoy the focus and intensity of Encore camp, here are some general guidelines for attendance:
  • Freshman: Performed in at least 5 major productions and/or has attended camp at least 3 years and with fewer productions.
  • Sophomores: Performed in at least 4 major productions and/or has attended camp at least 2 years and with fewer productions.
  • Juniors: Performed in at least 2 major productions and/or has attended camp at least 2 years and with fewer productions.
  • Seniors: Performed in at least 1 major production and/or has attended camp at least 1 year.


Encore Camp Pricing

$185 for each student. There are no sibling discounts for Encore Camp.

{Script}ure Hour Pricing

$30 for each student. There are no sibling discounts for {Script}ure Hour.

Show Camp Pricing

1 Student = $115

2 Students = $100 = $200 total

3 Students = $90 each = $270 total

4 Students = $80 each = $320 total

5+ Students = $75 each

2018 Camp Registration is closed as all camps are completed or full.

Registration for 2019 will open by April.