Show and Tech Weeks Committees

Hair/Makeup Leadership

While planning occurs earlier in the production, this person works the majority of their hours during the final month of the production. The leader of this committee must be available for all dress rehearsals and shows.

This position reports to the Assistant Director.


The Hair/Makeup Leadership is responsible to work with the Directors to develop hairstyles and makeup that fit the time period and flavor of the show. It is their responsibility to work with the committee to assist the cast members to bring the vision and theme of the show to the audience through hair styles and makeup application. The committee is responsible for planning all the makeup and hair for the production and any pre-production publicity. This committee also gets the privilege of working with all the cast in the heart of show week excitement. Experience in hair/makeup and leadership skills is necessary.

Hair and makeup needs to be sensitive to the period of the production. The committee should research the time period and class of the production in relation to hair styles. Cast members are requested not to cut their hair until they receive specific direction from the committee (i.e. girls - grow your hair long; boys - no crew cuts).

Responsibilities of this position include:

  • Meeting with the Assistant Director to discuss the styles of the show with the research you have done.
  • Determining hairstyles for all the cast members. These can be done specifically (particularly helpful on leads) or generally (this group of 15 girls can choose any of the hairdo’s from the following pictures). When offering general hairdo suggestions to the cast, be careful that they all do not show up in the same hairdo (i.e. an entire cast of girls in ringlets is not a good picture).
  • Purchasing supplies as needed. The Business Manager will order the cast make-up kits.
  • Being prepared for the photo shoot, one to two months prior to show. This will require some cast members to be in full makeup and dress. Contact the Assistant Director about date and time.
  • Making sure committee members teach cast members how to put on most of their makeup themselves.
  • Directing the cleanup of the makeup mirror area. After the final show, all makeup and hair pieces should be boxed up and returned.
  • Creating a work schedule for your committee and volunteers during the shows. Communicate the importance of abiding with HPA dress code while working closely with the cast members.
  • Developing a strike schedule for your committee and the students that have been assigned to your committee.


The Orchestra is a volunteer group comprised of parents and family members of cast members as well as volunteers from the community. A high level of proficiency is required for all orchestra members. Orchestra members are required to commit to attend weekly evening rehearsals leading up to show week, all dress rehearsals, and all shows.

This committee reports to the conductor.


Requirements of this committee include:

  • Rehearsing at least once a week during evening hours in the months leading up to show week.
  • Being available during tech and show weeks for evening rehearsal at show venue.
  • Attending all dress rehearsals.
  • Wearing an HPA orchestra polo along with black pants or a skirt (at least knee length) during final dress rehearsal and all shows.
  • Wearing an HPA shirt at all rehearsals with the cast. You may wear your orchestra shirt or any other HPA show shirt.
  • Cleaning the orchestra pit at close of show.

Tech Committee

All work is done during tech and show weeks. This is something that a parent could do after work. There is no need to be at the EARLY part of all rehearsals. Tech Committee members must be available during all evening tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances.

This committee reports to the Assistant Director.


Duties include:

• Being available for all dress rehearsals (evening), tech rehearsals and performances (the last 2-3 weeks of the production).

• Working at the sound board or light board under the Tech Director and alongside students or alumni. Previous sound or lighting experience is strongly preferred.

  • Wearing an HPA orchestra polo along with black pants or a skirt (at least knee length) during final dress rehearsal and all shows.