Committee Buyout

Committee Buyout Option

This committee reports to the Rehearsal Manager.

This is an option to choose to pay a non-commitment fee of $500 and not be required to serve on any major committees. However, because we believe that participating in HPA with your child is very important, we do need you to commit to filling at least 3 Show Team Committees slots. ONLY 5 families can be assigned this option. IF this is the only option that will work for your family, please indicate this on your signup form. Understand that this means if we cannot give you this option, your child will not be cast in a show.

This option still requires a parent to attend the organizational meeting at the beginning of the year and also assist with strike after closing night.

The following is a description of the responsibilities on the Show Team Committee. You will need to fill 3 “slots” on one of these teams. This can be done by 3 adults in 1 night or 1 adult for 3 nights. We recommend that you consider flower and candy first as this will give you an opportunity to see the activity backstage and meet more cast members and their families. Flowers and Candy also does not require a training meeting. However, if ushering is what you would enjoy, feel free to choose that option.


  • Helping the flower and candy team on show nights or the days leading up to show however they need you.


The ushers’ responsibility is to help with audience seating, safety, security, and to help enforce HPA and venue rules. Ushers are also often the only HPA person patrons speak to; as a result, ushers are the face of HPA to the community. It has been said that a good patron is hard to gain and very easy to lose. As HPA attempts to impact the community in a positive way (that will hopefully have a salt and light effect), we appreciate your vital role in assisting the audiences’ experience.

Responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Provide an usher for 3 shows. More than 1 slot may be filled on 1 night if more than one adult is ushering that night. Example: If you are required to fill 3 usher slots, 2 adults could usher 1 night and 1 could usher 1 night (2+1=3) or 1 adult could usher 3 nights (1x3=3) or 3 adults could usher 1 (3x1=3).
  • Every person ushering must attend an usher training meeting within two months of show or have previously attended an HPA usher training within the past 3 years. Several date options will be provided.
  • Wearing your own black dress pants/skirts and white shirts (and a tie for the men), all of which abide by the HPA dress code.
  • Arriving one hour before curtain and remaining at the venue until after the show ends.
  • Cleaning the seating area following the show, picking up any leftover programs.