Mainstage Shows

Returning Mainstage Families Organizational Meeting Quizzes

One parent and each cast member must achieve a score of 95 or better on this quiz in order to skip the organizational meeting. You may take it as many times as you would like and you may reference anything which may help you answer correctly. Each family member who achieves a 95 or better will be excused.

General Information for all Mainstage Productions:

  • All students must be considered homeschooled by their parents' definition
  • Students in Middle and High School performing full-scale musicals
  • Some shows have limited roles for younger students
  • Full-day, weekly rehearsals (Tuesday in GR, Thursday in Kzoo, Friday in Lansing)
  • Students must audition and be cast in a show, not all auditioners are cast
  • Parents must agree to fulfill a parent commitment which requires a minimum of 60 hours for students to participate (see below)
  • Tuition is $195 for one cast member (Per sibling cast discounts: $175 for 2, $150 for 3, $120 for 4, $110 for 5+)
  • We do not accept tuition payments from any Public School Partnerships.
  • Cast Members must be willing to abide by the HPA Dresscode while at all HPA events
  • Cast Members are expected to be available for all rehearsal dates unless a conflict has been approved (see our conflict policy)

Parent Commitment Information

HPA is a family activity and requires a parent commitment when students are involved. A wide variety of options are available. Before committing to HPA participation, please take time to read the details of a variety of parent commitment options. You will need to provide three possibilities when completing your form prior to audition day. A brief description of each committee is below. Use the links to view the detailed commitment.