Dress Code and Conflict Policies


The Bible clearly requires modest dress. However, the definition of modesty is an area of Christian freedom. HPA is not intending to define modesty for your family. Rather, we are seeking to establish a common ground in order to respect the variety of families we serve. Therefore, we have set a standard so that everyone knows what to expect while at any HPA activity (including rehearsals, cast parties, etc).

Prior to auditioning, HPA cast members and parents commit to abide by this standard. We also ask class students, crew, orchestra, committee members, and volunteers to abide by this standard when serving HPA. HPA is committed to upholding this standard and will address participants not adhering to the standard, possibly asking them to change clothes. Cast members who consistently attend out of dress code may be asked to leave rehearsal, resulting in an unexcused absence.

HPA is committed to upholding a dresscode during rehearsals.

Dress Code HPA 17.pdf

Conflict Policy

Applies to all shows and HPA Kids!

1. Cast members are expected to be available the entire time listed, although they may not be called the entire time each date. Regular attendance is an important issue. In order to produce a quality production all actors are required to attend all rehearsals when called.

2. Only conflicts listed on the audition form are guaranteed excused absences. Conflicts are considered during the difficult process of casting. The only way to be sure that an absence will be excused is to list it on the audition form. You should list all conflicts which you are not willing to give up.

3. Requests for additional conflicts should be submitted as far in advance as possible. These must be approved in order to be excused. Requesting a conflict early allows more potential for it to be excused. The directors desire to be gracious in granting additional conflicts. They will consider the request as well as the challenges which occur for other actors, staff, and the overall show. Unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the show.

4. Emergency situations and illnesses should be communicated to the production manager as early as possible. Sometimes we will ask if an ill student can come to rehearsal to watch, but not participate. Other times we will require that an ill student not attend at all.

When entering conflicts on an audition form, we understand that not all dates will be published or available. Please get as many specific dates as possible. When you can't get specific dates and times, please give us the best parameters you can. Here are examples of wording you could use:

  • Soccer - exact schedule unknown, but will not affect more than 2 rehearsals per month September through November requiring me to leave as early as 2:30pm on those dates.
  • Vacation - exact date unknown, but will miss 1 rehearsal in February or March.
  • Choir National Festival - if my choir makes it to nationals, I would need to miss 1 rehearsal in March.

These types of conflicts do not become excused until specific dates and details have been given to the attendance coordinator. The attendance coordinator needs to receive these details as soon as they become available. If dates and details are given to the attendance coordinator too close to the actual conflict date, the directors may not grant the excused absence.

Mainstage Parent Commitments

HPA is a family activity and requires a parent commitment when students are involved. See the document below to view the options. Please make sure to CLICK THE LINKS to view detailed descriptions of committees you are considering.

Family Committee Descriptions 2017.xlsx