Auditions 2019

What am I committing to by Auditioning?


We strongly encourage you to read every detail of these audition pages very carefully before allowing your students to audition for HPA mainstage shows. Sometimes we hear from new families that they didn't understand the commitment before their child was cast. Please take time to read the following information and determine if an HPA mainstage show is a good fit for your family. If so, we look forward to meeting you on audition day!


Homeschool Performing Arts (HPA) is program of Vessel for Arts which is a 501(c)(3) organization. HPA has the purpose of establishing a community of homeschool families in which students and parents work together to produce music, drama, and musical theatre productions that glorify and honor the Lord. Our mission is for students to experience spiritual growth, personal growth including the areas of commitment, responsibility, self-confidence, composure, interpersonal communication, social understanding, conflict resolution and work ethic, as well as artistic growth in their performing abilities, including public speaking, singing, dancing, and acting.

Our casts will read Scripture and pray together regularly and cast members will participate in group devotions at each rehearsal.


Students and their families investing time and talents together allow us to achieve high quality productions. Families should be willing to commit to at least 60 volunteer hours, although many families serve much more. In addition, at least one parent and every cast member must attend the organizational meeting and help with strike immediately following the closing performance. There are many commitment options, some of which allow you to spread the hours out over rehearsal weeks (i.e. 3 hours a week for 20 rehearsals) and others requiring more hours near the end of the production (i.e. 20 hours a week for the last 3 weeks). There are many tasks and details that go into a production, and we will help you find something that works for your family (i.e. jobs at rehearsals, projects that can be done at home, etc). Please review the Family Commitment options before you decide to register for auditions. We see time and again that parents and students working together to accomplish a common goal receive a great blessing. It can be a lot of work, but it will be enjoyable and satisfying to see your child grow through being a part of something exceptional!


HPA Mainstage Shows are tuition based programs:

One Tuition: $195 Two Tuitions: $175 each Three Tuitions: $150 each Four Tuitions: $120 each Five Tuitions: $110 each


The Ad Sales campaign provides necessary funds to produce the show which helps keep tuition as low as possible. Each family is expected to participate in this campaign by either investing time (visit at least 15 businesses) or finances (approximately a $250 "buy out" of your family's Ad Sales minimum).


By auditioning students agree to abide by the HPA Dress Code (View the dress code here).

Cast members are also required to wear an HPA t-shirt or sweatshirt to all HPA events, including weekly rehearsals. Each cast member will receive a free season shirt at the first rehearsal as well as have the opportunity to purchase show shirts.

HPA is committed to upholding this standard and will address participants not adhering to the standard, possibly asking them to change clothes. Cast members who consistently attend out of dress code may be asked to leave rehearsal, resulting in an unexcused absence.


Cast Members are expected to attend every rehearsal unless an excused absence has been granted in advance or the absence is noted on the Audition Form (view conflict policy here). Therefore, it is very important to think through your schedule for the year BEFORE beginning your audition registration.

Cast Members and at least one parent are expected to attend the organizational meeting and help with strike (after the closing performance). The date and time can be found on the calendar. This should be listed as a conflict on the audition form for the parent and/or the student if it is a problem.