Collage experiments

Collage is a great way to get started when exploring a concept or idea!

Old newspapers or magazines are an excellent source of imagery, and there are many ways in which you can approach the collection of images as a starting point for making artworks.

In this case, you are looking for images and text that tell us about different aspects of POPULAR/YOUTHCULTURE.

start to collect a range of images that "speak" to you. Categorise the collection of images through different aspects of popular culture.

you can also search for specific images from the internet - MUST be copyright free [] [ ]

Assemble your images into a variety of collages that reflect what you see as important to you from your catagories.

When collecting TEXT, consider how words out of context can have positive or negative connotations.

Think about what kinds of words you would like to use for your collage as this will communicate meaning in your artwork.

For example:

Cut out images and text and arrange to create interesting effects with depth and contrast.

Align text with images, considering how the words can enhance or challenge the imagery.

Using ink, pen and other drawing materials, use the collage for inspiration, and create a drawn, mixed media work.

You can add extra elements of text, symbols and imaginative ideas

Cut a silhouette of a figure shape

Layer the silhouette over different parts of the ink drawing to manipulate elements of composition.

Photograph each composition for later reference

what about cutting the silhouette out of a page from a magazine or colour paper for added depth and interest?

Choose two [2]compositions from these experiments that you think:

  • are visually effective

  • highlight the most interesting parts of your collage

  • explore interesting ideas associated with the concept of self.

Add these to your padlet