Who's the Worthiest PEST?

This is our Project Based Learning adventure! It cordinates with our Organisms unit in Science, Persuasive and Research unit in Writing, and Non-Fiction unit in Reading. Students went through a series of lessons:

1. identified importance of commonly known pests with supportive details - teacher directed

2. brainstormed pests then chose one

3. created own opinions about their pest

4. researched why their pest is "worthy" with supporting details

5. identified the structure of a persuasive piece in the form of a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

6. identified strategies used in a PSA

7. chose strategies for their own PSA

8. went through the steps of the writing process - created an idea, drafted (introduction, body, closing), revised, edited, teacher-student conferenced, and published in a google document

9. created props and practiced PSA

10. video recorded PSA

11. selected images for PSA

12. used the do-ink app to combine images and video

13. created an illustration of their pest

14. uploaded video and illustration into Google Sites

15. analyzed results of those who voted for the worthiest pest on each page