Welcome to 6th Grade

Hello, I am Terry Dunlap, 6th Grade Resource teacher at Parker Middle School. This is my 5th year at Parker Middle School. I have been teaching for many years as a special educator both in Michigan and in Indiana. I earned my BA in Learning Disabilities at Hope College. I also have my Masters Special Education with an emphasis in Autism. I continue to take classes to learn new techniques and ideas to bring into my lessons.

Communication between school and home is crucial to helping students experience success at school. I hope that you will contact me, either through e-mail or by phone, if you have anything that needs discussion. My phone number is 552-4600 (extension 87468). My e-mail is dunlapt@howellschools.com Since I co-teach most of the day in other classrooms, I only have the opportunity to check email and messages before 7:15, on my prep, and after school. If I miss your call or message, I will get back to you as soon as possible. My goal is to make this the most successful year yet, for every student I see.

My schedule for 2018-2019

1st hour- Patriot Time

2nd hour- Math with Mr. Deadman

3rd hour- TIES

4th hour- TIES

5th hour- UCS/TIES

6th hour- ELA with Mrs. Thomas

7th hour- TIES