Howell High School Student Council Mom2Mom Sale


Location: Howell High School Commons

Date : Saturday, October 19th Time: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM


Please contact: Andrea Brady ( and Jenny Peckens (

Contract is available for download here!

**We do not go back to school until August, so checks mailed before then will not be processed until after August 26th! THANKS!

  • Sellers can rent one rectangular 8’ space including a 6’ table for $25. If you wish to bring your own table/rack, the cost for an 8’ space is $20. Please contact us about large items.
  • Sellers must ensure all items meet the Federal Safety Standards. For a list of recalls visit No drop side cribs. Car seats must have at least one year left before they expire.
  • You may only sell items that pertain to babies and children including clothing, toys, books, and accessories (equipment, feeding supplies, bedding etc.), or maternity clothing, birthing preparation items, and baby care products. We will allow for retail vendor tables at our discretion.
  • Set-up will be from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM on Friday and from 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM on Saturday. You must check-in before proceeding to your table for set-up. (Set-up times are subject to change based on school events.)
  • You will be responsible for transporting your items into the sale. We will NOT have carts or dollies available for use on the day of the sale. You will also be responsible for cleaning your area after the sale. You are required to leave your table area in the same condition that you found it in.
  • You must arrive at the sale to set up by 8:30 AM. No refunds will be given for no-shows. Sellers must have an adult at their table to sell items to shoppers for the entire length of the sale. If you bring children with you to the sale, you are responsible for your own childcare and for keeping them supervised.
  • Sellers are expected to provide their own change and their own bags. Sellers are also expected to act as their own security for items that they bring to sell. We will not be responsible if money or items are stolen from a renter/seller once their table is set up.
  • You are responsible for pricing and tagging your own items, and arranging them in an attractive and orderly manner. You may not have commercial (retail) products displayed or advertised at or on your table unless the items have been pre-approved by the event organizers.
  • You may not move to a different table at any time during the sale. You may not set up your items on any table other than your assigned table, even if a renter fails to show. NO REFUNDS will be given within 2 weeks of the sale date. Prior to that time, if you need to cancel, we will refund your rental fee ONLY if we are able to re-book your table.
Mom2Mom Sale Contract Fall 2019