Strength and Conditioning

Who we are...

Ultra-Impact: Strength and Conditioning serves as a purpose to enrich the minds of young teens by educating them in fitness techniques, nutritional awareness, and healthy relationships with themselves and others. Teaching students the value of fitness has long lasting impact on their health choices. We all realize the value of proper exercise for young adults to be healthier throughout their lives. Good habits are learned best at an early age and it's harder to break bad habits later. When we teach our teens how to properly handle weight equipment, proper technique, and form, they will be prepared throughout the rest of their adulthood to live fit healthier lifestyles. Providing our students with the right knowledge with the right equipment to effectively practice this will change the power they have in their lives.

Where/When We Meet

Wednesdays and Fridays

*(All days are subject to change due to weather conditions)

7:00 - 8:00am


Learning Goals

Strength Conditioning:

  • Students practice proper weight lifting techniques, age appropriate strength exercises, track and build strength capacity, and various high intensity interval trainings.

Cardiovascular Conditioning:

  • Students practice proper breathing techniques for running, develop proper running form, track and build cardio capacity, and various high intensity interval trainings.

Nutritional Awareness:

  • Students will learn about meal planning, food nutritional components and health related complications.

Building Positive Mindset:

  • Students develop positive mindset to challenges, enjoyment of reaching goals, self-expression, and healthy social interactions.