Class Codes

Google Class Codes

First, log in to Chrome using your HISD Google credentials. Next, go to and click the "+" to JOIN CLASS. Use the class codes below to join all of your teacher's classes. Click HERE to learn how to log in to your HISD Google account.

G8 Rams

This is a Google Classroom for ALL 8th graders.

Code: 51fmbu


All Periods: fq0huw


Period 1: yho6bhg

Period 2: trpxyfr

Period 4: 11s2wa

Period 5: m0kd07

Period 6: 91okkt

Period 7: l7wj0fu


Period 1: kxpi97

Period 2: mb6dfk

Period 4: 25176bw

Period 6: 2bweu4r

Period 7: 5kahr5k

Period 8: kqquoe


Period 1: eq3wu34

Period 2: 8sf4j49

Period 4: 9bvaq90

Period 5: 5ydq3w

Period 7: lxlj0f

Period 8: auk41ue


Period 1:

Period 2:

Period 4:

Period 5:

Period 7:

Period 8: