October 6, 2020

Hello parents and students of 7L!

While it has been quite a different beginning of the school year, we would like to say thank you to both students and parents for being patient and flexible as we are all navigating a new school environment. As teachers, we would like to give our students a huge shout out for engaging in the work in class whether it be in the chat, answering questions in the PearDeck, sharing screens or coming off mute to answer questions. We are impressed with students curiosity and eagerness to continue learning despite challenges this school year.

Here is a little update about what we are doing in our classes:

Math- students are preparing for a quiz this week.

Science- students are working on a chemistry unit.

English- students are working on their personal narratives

Texas history- students are learning about European Exploration and are about to start a project about the Columbian Exchange

A few helpful tips to keep in mind as we move forward with virtual learning:

  1. If students are coming in late to class, be sure to check the recording after class to see what may have been missed.

  2. The final date for this first six weeks is October 16th. All missing assignments must be turned in by this date.

Some students we would like to highlight for these first weeks are:

Klaridy Miller: thank you for always being ready to lend a hand to others during class, asking great questions and always engaging in discussions

Meadow Lam: thank you for continually asking for feedback and striving for excellence

Rowan Willard: thank you for always participating in class, providing thoughtful answers, and being ready to learn

We look forward to October 19th where will we begin transitioning to face to face instruction and continuing the virtual experience. Please check your emails and keep checking the website for more information about our transition back. Live events will be happening every Thursday at 4:15 to provide you with information about the school. You can find the link below.