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Digital Safety promotes responsible use of digital devices. Parents/guardians are encouraged to model positive behavior, routinely monitor students' use, and hold students accountable for behaviors at home.

To receive a Chromebook, parents/guardians must complete this Digital Safety course, confirm completion, and return the required paperwork to their campus.


Lanier Technology AUP Condensed 2022_2023 FINAL - Copy.pdf

The Houston ISD Acceptable Use Policy provides guidelines for how students, parents, and teachers should interact with the internet and their devices.

Lanier Middle School is a PowerUp campus that provides Chromebooks for on and off campus in addition to other technology tools. In order for students to use HISD devices and accounts (both on and off campus), we require all students to comply with our technology policies.

Internet Safety

Houston Independent School District has adopted an Acceptable Use Policy that maintains compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures that the privacy of student records is protected. Access to these records is restricted thought the use of usernames and passwords.

Acceptable Actions

Students are expected to follow network etiquette at all times. This includes being courteous to others, not using profanity, keeping login information private, and letting an adult know if something inappropriate happens.

Unacceptable Actions

Students are not allowed to use district-owned devices in a manner that causes harm to others, damages the device, violates copyright laws, or sends potentially harmful data/information to others.

Penalties for Improper Use

The HISD Code of Conduct outlines the possible consequences for violating these rules. Consequences may range from campus disciplinary actions to legal action as determined by the level of misconduct.


Social Media and Digital Footprints: Our Responsibilities

How does using social media affect our digital footprints.

The digital world allows students to socialize, communicate, and stream music or movies 24/7. It also exposes young people to risks.

Digital Footprints

As tweens and teens start sharing content and engaging with others online, it's important for them to understand the tracks they're leaving behind and what those tracks might reveal. Parents can help guide kids toward creating the kind of footprint they can be proud of.

When you post something online, you no longer have control over what happens to the information, comment, or photo. Talk to your child about what would and would not be appropriate to share online.

  • Only post things they would feel comfortable sharing with anyone, including parents and potential employers.

  • Remember that you no longer have control of things you post online.

Click here for family tips.

Private and Personal Information

When kids start to go online, whether they're playing multi-player games, using educational apps, or just following their curiosity on Google, it's important that guidelines around what information is and isn't ok to share, and some help from parents when they're unsure, kids can have fun and learn a lot in the digital world. Click here for family tips.

Social Media 101: What Parents Need to Know

Cyber Safety / Social Media 101

Why it's popular: Teens like to use it to share quick tidbits about their lives with friends. It's also great for keeping up with what's going on in the world -- breaking news, celebrity gossip, etc.

What parents need to know: Public tweets are the norm for teens.

For more information on popular apps, review the HISD Social Media 101 Page.


What is cyberbullying and what can you do to stop it?

Cyberbullying includes sharing, sending, or posting negative or hurtful content about another person. This includes spreading rumors, threatening others, or sharing private information about someone else that could embarrass someone. Look out for cyberbullying and notify the school immediately if you find evidence of it.

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere electronic communication is involved, such as text messages, online games, social media sites, email, or instant messaging.

Click here for family tips.

More Resources

Parents can find more resources on addressing digital safety with their children at


Getting to Know Your Chromebook

The students' parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for any intentional damage to the Chromebook or damage due to gross negligence.

Try this Chromebook Simulator to get familiar with your device before deployment!

Device Care

Case It

When you have finished working on the Chromebook for the day, remember to place it back inside the case for protection.

No Eating or Drinking

Keep all food and drink away from the Chromebook.

Swipe and Sweep

Clear the keyboard BEFORE closing the Chromebook. Items left on the keyboard may cause damage to the screen when it is closed.

Charge it Up

Shut down and charge up the Chromebook every night.


Canvas LMS

Canvas is the district learning management system that allows students 24-7 access to instructional resources for all of their courses.

All student courses will be located in Canvas.

To access: go to


Directions: Please PRINT, READ, SIGN, and RETURN the documents below before deployment.


22/23 HISD Student Device Agreement- English

22/23 HISD Student Device Agreement- Spanish

Lanier Technology AUP Condensed 2022_2023 FINAL - Copy.pdf

Campus Acceptable Use Policy

You will need to sign the Lanier Middle School Technology Acceptable Use Form referenced at the beginning of the course. Please read, print, and sign if you have not already.

School Pay (english).pdf

Laptop Fee

A $25 PowerUp fee must be paid for students to get their laptops. All fees must be paid online in SchoolPay. No cash or checks will be accepted. Your student must present their receipt during deployment to confirm payment and receive their laptop.


Thank you for participating!

Please submit the Google Form below to verify completion of this course and ensure your student will receive their Chromebook during deployment.